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We’re Softwaroid, a tech platform that loves to learn, collaborate and build.

At Softwaroid we all come to work every day because we want to solve the prominent difficulty in this leading tech industry. The main aim of Softwaroid is to help people who are interested in the field of information security with the latest news, tutorials and to help people to secure their computers from the latest computer threats. We believe that unless you know how to hack (ethically), you cannot defend yourself from malicious hack attacks. Know Hacking but No Hacking!

Good design and great connections come from collaboration. We’re excited to start Softwaroid as an open community, where anyone can work and share their beautiful ideas with this world. And to make this cyber industry something beautiful together.


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In any site as large as ours that deals with so many controversial topics and skills, it has become necessary to address a few incidents and implement a user terms and services agreement. We want to provide a free, safe and legal training environment to the users of this site.